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Leadership Academy

Delaney Consultants continues to partner with Manatee County School Board as sponsor of the Bob Delaney Leadership Academy. The Leadership Academy is in it's 8th year ( 7th Class ). The program provides leadership skills and concepts to 5th Grade students. The Bayshore Elementary Principal Annette Codelia and her staff presented the idea in an effort to better prepare the student's transition to middle school and high school. The goal is to replicate this Leadership Academy throughout Manatee County and BEYOND!!

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Students from the Bob Delaney Leadership Academy at Bayshore
Elementary School recently toured the Manatee County Judicial
Center and learned about the importance of law and order,
presented by Judge Doug Henderson (pictured to the right, wearing
his own Bob Delaney Leadership Academy t-shirt).

The program provides opportunities for fifth graders to become
student leaders and role models as part of the school’s mission to
better prepare the student’s transition to middle school and for them
to inspire younger students in grades K - 4.

Help make a difference - contact us and see how you can join the
Delaney Leadership Academy.

"You can not realize a full life until you do something for
someone who will never be able to repay you."
John Wooden

This years scheduled guest speakers are featured below with more to come.

September October November
Bob Delaney Laurie Cloeman Judge Doug Henderson
Bob Delaney - Leadership & Teamwork Laurie Coleman - Organization Judge Doug Henderson - Law & Order
December January February
Steve Shenbaum Paul Varner US/UK Flag
Steve Shenbuam - Communication Paul Varner - Hard Work & Commitment Sue & Laura Elis - International Day
March April June
Vern Buchanan
Bob Delaney - Smart Car
Covert - Bob Delaney
Vern Buchanan - Leadership
Globalization & Energy Conservation
Covert - Paperback