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"Bob was a great undercover cop and he's got a great story to tell in COVERT. He's a guy with real people skills and a gift for communication, and those things helped him gain the trust of the Mafia guys he was around -- and made him so successful at what he did. His big smile and friendly personality never made them feel threatened... And they'll see how it was done by one tough guy and a true pro."
-- Joe Pistone, who spent six years as an undercover FBI agent who infiltrated the Mafia and whose story was told in the 1997 movie, Donnie Brasco, starring Johnny Depp.
"Bobby is one of the upper-echelon guys in the league, no doubt about it. He's very passionate individual who gives 110 percent and always strives to be the best in any endeavor he undertakes. His desire and pursuit of excellence has made him one of the best at his craft. He has a special sense of pride and a great work ethic, which combined with his energy and enthusiasm are key factors in his success. He's highly respected and people are confident when he's blowing the whistle -- on and off the court."
-- Dick Vitale, ESPN's No. 1 college basketball analyst

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