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"Bob seems to like to choose professions that require nerves of steel...and, fortunately, that's actually what he has been blessed with.  When you've got to make calls that anger giant men on an adrenaline rush, you better make sure they respect you -- and, with Bob, they do. In fact, we all do.  Bob has raised the bar and has become the standard by which all other referees should be judged."
-- Nick Bollettieri, president of IMG Academies, professional tennis coach who was guided the careers of nine No. 1-ranked tennis stars.
“Our annual International Finance and Accounting Conference focuses on business related technical training... Bob’s focus on leadership and motivating the associates they supervise and support, put the energy back in the conference.  The feedback was overwhelmingly positive; our Directors left the conference on an emotional high.”
-- Michael Kovalsky, Senior Director of Finance Marriot Vacation Club International
“Bob Delaney’s presentation on teamwork received rave reviews from our team members. He was    enlightening and entertaining... and his talk had a positive impact.”
-- Rex Jensen, CEO and President Schroeder Manatee Ranch, Inc.-Lakewood Ranch

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