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Delaney Consultants - ENDORSEMENTS

--Quotes from military personnel who have attended Bob's programs.

"Bob Delaney is a phenomenal speaker and his material is extremely interesting. He presents his material in an entertaining format and it is relevant to our role as an SEL."

"First and foremost; the lectures by both Mr. Bob Delaney and the Care Coalition were simply nothing less than moving. Like many students before me, I too strongly recommend keeping they guys coming back."

"Regarding Bob Delaney: Best guest speaker in course…outstanding material!"

"By far the most profound briefer Mr. Delaney. I do not know what else there is to say about the person. His message and presentation resonated with the class. “He is the right guy and we need him”. Whatever it takes to keep him."

"Just a thought! Bob Delaney is a rock star - but you already know that!"

"Mr. Bob Delaney on PTS: Great speaker and did a fantastic job keeping audience engaged. Most importantly he brings home the points on PTS."

"Bob Delaney was unbelievable! His connection and relevance was phenomenal. He really connected with me and the reality of how we all cope with things and the fact that PTS is not a malfunction but a "human condition" I had a detailed discussion with him following and enquired how we can get a hold of him for follow-up."

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